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The new heating system on the patio is working great!
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In 2015 we'll be open all winter.
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Upcoming Events
Andrea & The Armenian Rug Riders - Friday, December 19th at Mohansic Grill
Meet Great Local Performers at Mohansic this Saturday
Open Mic Saturday
December 20th at 7:30PM
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Open Mic Night at Mohansic Every Thursday - 7-10PM
Friday, December 19th Starting at 7:30 Andrea & the Armenian Rug Riders
Saturday, December 20th Starting at 7:30 Open Mic Saturday
Coming Next Week
Friday, December 26th Starting at 7:30 Drew Bordeaux
Saturday, December 27th Starting at 7:30 Pete Boppenstein and the Schwintnsky Kid
Check out the photos of 2014 Halloween Party at Mohansic Grill.
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