We're working to make it easy to make reservations at Mohansic.  Please use our online Reservation Form below.  Reservations are not confirmed until a staff member contacts you by email or phone.  Reservations placed on the same day as the performance may not be confirmed on time so please make your reservations early.

There are many occasions when our seating is sold out.  Also, we can not guarantee a specific table.  Depending on the size of your party and the time at which your reservation was placed, we will make every effort to accommodate everyone with seating.

Reserved tables will be held for 15 minutes following your scheduled arrival time.   If you're going to arrive late, please call us at 914-962-9300 so that we can hold your table for you.  On busy nights it may be hard to reach us by phone so please call as early as possbile.

Click here to view our reservation & seating policy.